We are always looking for performers, so if you have talent and are interested in performing for tips & coffee, please contact Lisa at  Be sure to thoroughly read our guidelines below!


Currently, we are only having music on Saturday mornings. Music is from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon.  You can take a short break in between sets, but you are basically expected to fill the full 2-hour time slot.

You may set-up your gear between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m.


  • Our Saturday morning music serves more as "background music" while folks are doing their Saturday morning meeting and conversing as opposed to an actual "show".  During these sessions, we would prefer that you not use a PA system or mic, but if you do, please keep the volume relatively low. 
  • Drums won't work in this scenario.  A keyboard is fine, as long as it's turned down.
  • Velocity has a small PA system, with one mic and one mic stand, but you will need to bring everything else.  There is a music stand for your use as well.  .


Performers at VBB play for tips (and free beverages) only.  (We usually contribute about $25.00 towards your time & expenses.) You can bring your own tip jar with you, or use our designated tip basket.  (If you would like us to make an announcement about tips to the audience before you begin, please let us know.  


You may sell CD’s, merch, etc. (We do not take a percentage of any of your sales. That’s your money to keep!) 


The concerts are advertised on, in the Florence and Boone County Recorders, on Instagram, and on our shop’s Facebook page, on our in-store schedule, and on our website.  Special events are sometimes advertised on WNKU and WAIF radio stations, and also in CityBeat Magazine.

Please advertise your concert on your ReverbNation page and/or Facebook page.  The more fans you bring with you, the better your tips will be!


We understand that there are sometimes circumstances beyond your control and you may need to cancel or reschedule your date.   Up until the month of your scheduled gig, we should be able to easily find a replacement to fill your spot.   However, if it's the month of your scheduled gig, and we've already made up the music flyer to post in the store, on our social media sites, etc., (usually posted by the 2nd day of the month.), we get a little more "grumpy" because it puts us in a huge bind.  Please make every effort to keep your date.   If you have a sore throat and cannot sing, consider just playing instrumentals that day.  If you have to cancel last-minute, we would ask that you find a replacement to fill your spot (they would need to be OK'd by us if it's someone we are not familiar with).   If you are a habitual canceller or end up being a no-show, you won't be invited back.  Thank you for your understanding and consideration!   



Original music is preferred.  If you play cover songs, you are only allowed to play songs licensed by ASCAP or BMI  (otherwise we get fined $750.00 per unauthorized song).

Therefore, you will need to run your set list through the respective databases to be sure. 

  • Click HERE for a link to the ASCAP database
  • Click HERE for a link to the BMI database

For further information, please e-mail Lisa at


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