Velocity brews & serves Carabello Coffee, roasted locally by Justin & Emily Carabello.  Carabello Coffee started in a Newport, KY garage in the Fall of 2009 with only a hot air popcorn popper and a few pounds of green coffee beans.  From there, the Carabellos have grown their home business into a way to help fund non-profits and charity work. 


The Carabellos moved their roaster into Velocity in the Fall of 2011 and very quickly outgrew their space.  The success of their roasting business enabled them to open their own coffee shop in Newport, KY exactly two years later.  They are very active in their community and also with their philanthropic efforts in other parts of the world.  We are proud to be part of their "story" and we wish them continued success.  Their fine coffees will continue to be brewed and sold in our store.

What's New at Velocity?

Guddina ("Goo-DAY-na") Coffee

Your Next Great Coffee Experience Starts Now"


"The reason why Guddina Coffee exists is to create amazing coffee experiences, but not just individual experiences that come and go and can be forgotten. We are building the tools, growing the communities, and serving our customers in such a way that we hope to change the entire experience, the global coffee experience, for the better.


This vision, that one day people would go to coffee shops to grow their communities and achieve their goals with like-minded people in their local networks, is what drives Guddina forward. It's why we're here, and it's why we will remain here until it is all seen through to reality."  (Tim Stiffler-Dean, Co-Founder of Guddina Coffee)

The owners of the various roasteries that Tim does business with came out to Velocity on Saturday, February 8th to allow customers to meet them, sample their products, etc., while helping Tim to officially launch Guddina Coffee's new location inside of Velocity.


A big THANK YOU to Carabello Coffee (Newport, KY), One-Line Roasters (Columbus, OH), Boston Stoker (Dayton, OH) and Deeper Roots Coffee (Cincinnati, OH) for a fun & educational evening!  CLICK HERE TO SEE PHOTOS OF THE EVENT!




Click HERE to read the article about Guddina Coffee!


Photo & story by Melissa Stewart